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Tumblr Style Login

An attempt to recreate Tumblr Login form with css3 keyframe Animation.

Clean Item Shelf psd


A sortable horizontal scrolling product shelf for an e-store.A psd free to download and use in your projects.A nice implementation should be possible with quicksand query plugin , though would need to do a bit of modification to enable the horizontal scroll. Haven’t tried it personally but hoping to get  around to an implementation for… Read more »

Simple & Unique Image Slider

An image slider created in photoshop.Wanted to create one which could focus on the important parts of the image in a different way.Free to download and use in your projects.

MiniFolio-Playing with Webkit Keyframe Animations


Best viewed in webkit based browsers(Chrome and Safari) A Minifolio designed after trying to mess around with webkit animation.Wanted to design in a manner that the background image could be swapped for any 600×600 image.Degrades gracefully in other browsers.Hoping to find a jquery solution to achieve the same result soon. Know problems.Opera is displaying the… Read more »

Texture Neon GUI pack


A Texture Neon Web GUI pack. Designed in Photoshop. Free from personel and commercial use.A attribution would be greatly appreciated. DOWNLOAD